Can I have my test done early?

You can have your vehicle tested up to ninety (90) days before its scheduled due date and still retain its current (month and day) due date. This will allow you to plan well in advance for your vehicle's test and avoid any last-minute rush.

However, if you have your vehicle tested more than 90 days prior to its scheduled due date, its next scheduled due date will be two years from the date it was tested. Some vehicle owners may choose this option if they wish to adjust an inconvenient test date.

What happens when my vehicle passes?

If your vehicle passes, and most will, you will receive a Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR) with the test results and your vehicle's next scheduled due date. It is recommended that you keep the report with your registration documents for future reference.

What if my vehicle is oversized?

Please call your testing center prior to testing to ensure it can accommodate oversized vehicles.

What if my vehicle gets turned away?

Your vehicle will be turned away and not tested for the following reasons:

  • Fluid leaks (other than condensation from AC units)
  • Visibly leaking, missing or inaccessible exhaust system components
  • Tires or wheels unsafe to operate on the dynamometer (including studded tires)
  • Vehicles with low road clearance (may be referred to test center with a ground level dynamometer).
  • Animals (pets) in the vehicle
  • Missing or unverifiable Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Inoperable odometer (vehicles with odometers that are not functioning will be rejected from testing. If an odometer is discovered not to be functioning while a test is in progress, the test will be aborted.)
  • Excessive engine or transmission noise (Mechanical problems)
  • Vehicles tampered or altered from OEM designs (including emissions equipment tampering)

If your vehicle is turned away, your Test Center will provide you with a Turn Away Document at no charge; this document will indicate the specific reason(s) why your vehicle cannot be tested.

The Turn Away Document does not extend your retest window or provide you with an extension of time for compliance.

What should I do if my registration has expired or I have no plates for my vehicle?

Connecticut general statutes require all vehicles operated on public roads to have a valid and current registration. If your registration is expired, or you do not have marker plates on your vehicle, you may visit your local DMV branch office and obtain a temporary registration. Alternatively, if you do not obtain a temporary registration, you may have your vehicle towed to an emissions test center, to have it tested.

What do I need to do if I am moving into Connecticut?

Prior to registering your vehicle in Connecticut, you must obtain an emissions test for the vehicle unless it is exempt from testing. Click here for more information on exempted vehicles.

What if I purchased a vehicle from out of state?

Whether you purchase a vehicle from out of state or are transferring an out of state registration to Connecticut, the vehicle must undergo an emissions test before it can be registered, unless it's an exempted vehicle. The vehicle can be tested using your current out of state registration or, if necessary, you may obtain a temporary Connecticut registration for the purpose of having the vehicle emissions tested. Please visit your nearest DMV Branch Office to apply for the temporary registration. As of July 1, 2002, a $40 administrative fee is assessed upon the registration of each new or ‘not previously registered in Connecticut’ emissions-eligible motor vehicle that is four or less model years of age. This fee is to defray the cost of the State's continuing efforts to ensure that Connecticut's air quality is the best it can be for all citizens. If your vehicle is out of state at the time of its scheduled test due date and the 30 days thereafter you may request a one-time extension. Click here for more information.

How do I get a copy of my Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR)?

You can stop by any Test Center and request a copy. The Test Center is required to provide you with one free copy of your Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR) upon request.

How do I file a complaint?

To file a complaint concerning the treatment you or your vehicle received at a test center, please call our motorist hotline at 877-469-2884. If you wish to file a complaint about fraudulent activities, please contact the DMV Emissions Division at 860-263-5335.

What if I receive a reminder notification for a vehicle I no longer own?

If you received a reminder notification and no longer own the vehicle because you have transferred or cancelled the marker plates, you may disregard the notice. However, if you no longer own the vehicle but have not cancelled the registration or transferred the marker plates to another vehicle, please visit the nearest DMV Branch Office to have the vehicle information updated on DMV records.

Will the Test Center place a sticker on my windshield?

The Connecticut Emissions Program no longer uses "permanently" affixed windshield stickers for emissions compliance. Compliance is now directly tied in with your vehicle's registration; if your vehicle is not emissions compliant, your registration or registration renewal will be denied.

For your convenience, the Connecticut Emissions Program does now offer you an optional reminder sticker for next inspection date to affix to the interior of your driver's side windshield. This reminder sticker is a static cling sticker, similar to your oil change sticker, provided if you want it, which you can easily remove at any time.

Please Note, that the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) no longer uses windshield stickers for registrations.

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