Federal Law allows a vehicle’s owner to request a time extension of their vehicle’s emissions test due date because of various exigent circumstances. Documentation must be submitted, providing proof that the vehicle is unable to be tested at the time of its scheduled inspection, and 30 days thereafter.

Please note: all late fees must be paid prior to the issuance of time extensions of any kind.

Acceptable Reasons

Out of State: Connecticut residents with vehicles that are located out of state, at the time of their scheduled test date and the 30 days thereafter, may apply for a six (6) month time extension.

Students Attending School and Residing Outside of Connecticut: If you are attending a school, college, or university outside of Connecticut, you may apply for the six (6) month time extension. You must provide an updated acknowledgment on school letterhead confirming your enrollment.

Active Military Personnel: Vehicles located out of state, and owned by Connecticut residents, who are on active military leave may apply for a twelve (12) month time extension. You MUST provide a copy of active military orders OR military ID to be submitted with the application. Either one is acceptable.


All requests for time extensions are subject to review and approval of the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles. Please forward the following documentation to the CT Emissions address below:

  • All requests must include: A written request with vehicle owner’s contact information, including name, out of state and Connecticut mailing addresses and telephone number.
  • All requests must include: OUT-OF-STATE VIN VERIFICATION FORM (AE-81), completed and signed by an out of state law enforcement authority (military, local, or state police, or DMV authority).
  • Requirement for Out of State Students: Documentation evidencing current enrollment in the school, college, or university, on the school’s letterhead, and the OUT-OF-STATE VIN VERIFICATION FORM (AE-81).
  • Requirement for Out of State Active Military: Copy of active military orders or military ID, and the OUT-OF-STATE VIN VERFICATION FORM (AE-81).
  • Requirements for Out of State (non-student, non-military): OUT-OF-STATE VIN VERIFICATION FORM (AE-81).
  • Under Repair (accident): If your vehicle is in the process of being repaired resulting from an accident, you may apply for a time extension by forwarding the following documentation to the address below.
    • Police report and repair bill(s), with the appropriate dates indicating that your vehicle is unavailable for testing at the time of its scheduled test date, and 30 days thereafter, and the estimated date that repair of the vehicle will be completed.
    • Repair bills must be on repair company letterhead.

Submitting Time Extension Requests

All requests for time extensions are subject to DMV approval.

Connecticut Emissions Program
C/O Ginger Rehnberg
7 Kripes Rd
East Granby, CT 06026

You may also fax application documents to: (860-288-5263) or email documents to: ctemissions@myctvip.com

If you have any additional questions about time extensions, please contact the Connecticut Emissions Program at (877)-469-2884.